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Abortion Advice

Welcome to Abortion Advice – we help you understand the complexities of pregnancy.

We are a free and confidential service that is focused on providing you with all the information you need to make the best decision about an unplanned pregnancy. Pregnancy is naturally challenging, with so many risks attached to it. When it is unplanned, the risk increases, in such a situation, you need all the information you can get to make the right decisions, and that is what we help you achieve.


Parenting doesn’t come with a guide, but it definitely represents a unique experience for everyone who has experienced it. No is ever fully prepared to be a parent but it is more complicated when the pregnancy is unplanned.


Aborting a child is a very serious decision, both medically and psychologically. It is a decision that no one should make without full knowledge.

After Abortion

Abortion is a loss in its own way—a loss without any socially sanctioned way of dealing with. Many people today have unresolved issues due to their involvement in an abortion decision. It is therefore important to find the right to deal with the aftermath of an abortion. Post-abortion grief is a real thing and any confusion, sorrow or negative feeling that results from the decision is real too.

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Adoption is the process of giving full family rights and permanent guardianship to another family who becomes the legal parents of your child. It is a legally binding arrangement which means you have to consider it fully. It is an option for those with an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy who don’t want to abort the child.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy doesn’t show on the first day of conception. Sometimes, it doesn’t become evident until it is too late for you to do anything but keep it. It is therefore important to know the symptoms so you can be aware as quickly as possible and do the tests to confirm. This can make the difference between planned and unplanned pregnancy.

Unexplained Pregnancy

If you find out that you are pregnant when you have no plan for such things, you are immediately faced with lots of thoughts running through your mind. It can be very confusing as you start thinking of all the consequences of your discovery. But it doesn’t have to be that confusing. First, you need to have the right information.

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Telling your partner

Have you just discovered that you are pregnant, you are most likely faced with different thoughts running through your mind? One of the first is how to tell your partner or father of the baby.
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If you are the father

So you think she might be pregnant or she even told you herself, well you have a lot to do. While you may have little say in your partner’s decision, you definitely have to give her all the support that she needs at this crucial stage. You also have to support her decision, and you definitely need to support yourself.

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