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Another option for unplanned pregnancy is to abort it. It is more common than you will imagine, and an unplanned pregnancy is a valid reason to have an abortion. But you have to consider your health and get the right information. Before you even start looking for an abortion clinic, you need to understand that it is a medical process that could be surgical at times.

Considering abortion

When thinking about whether or not to opt for the option, you need to know everything about the process from the many types of procedures available, your pregnancy stage, and the risks involved. It is important to know your pregnancy stage because this will determine the kind of abortion you will opt for. That means knowing it means you will know the abortion options that you have. It is also essential to know the available abortion providers in your area. This is a medical process, so it has to be handled by the best. The risks involved are something you should thoroughly consider too. There may be long term or short term risks to it. You should find out all this so you can easily prepare yourself for the choice. Abortion is usually of two types.

Abortion Pill

The abortion pill is a safe, healthy, and effective way to terminate an early pregnancy. It is usually available for pregnancy that is not more than 11 weeks.

How Abortion Pill Works

The term, abortion pill, covers two types of drugs – misoprostol and mifepristone. The mifepristone is the first pill that you will take and what it does is that it blocks the progesterone, which makes the pregnancy grow, and that means it will make the pregnancy stop growing. You can take the other drug which is misoprostol immediately after or you wait for 48 hours. The medicine causes bleeding and cramp as it clears the uterus. The cramp would be exceptionally heavy and similar to what happens during an early miscarriage. You should call your doctor or nurse if you don’t notice any bleeding within the next 24 hours of taking this medicine.

Effectiveness of Pill

It is very effective but depends on the duration of the pregnancy. The earlier the pregnancy is when you take medicine, the higher the chances of it working.

In-clinic Abortion

This is a medical procedure that involves a simple surgical operation to get rid of the pregnancy. There are generally two types of in-clinic abortion.

Suction Abortion

It is also known as vacuum aspiration, and it is very common and effective. It empties the uterus using gentle suction and can be used between 14-16 weeks after the last period.

Dilation and Evacuation

This uses medical tools and suction to empty the uterus. It can be performed after more than 16 weeks since the last period.


This has a 99% success rate, and it is very rare to repeat in-clinic abortion because the first did not work.

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