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In Australia, adoption refers to the legally binding process through which you transfer a child’s full and permanent guardianship and family rights to another family. It takes the shape of a legal agreement, and it is legally binding and enforceable in Australia. Adoption laws may vary between the 8 Australian states. For instance, in the state of Queensland, the adoption process is administered under the Adoption Act of 2009. This act is implemented through the Queensland Adoption Services unit. Adoption is only considered when a child is given birth to, and adoption consent can be sealed 30 days after childbirth. It can be revoked by either birth parent 30 days after consent is given. And the adoption takes a legally binding effect on both parties after the lapse of the revocation period. At this stage, the adoptive parents are expected to take custody of the child. The rate of adoption is driven by the needs of infertile couples, unplanned pregnancies, illegitimate babies, and financial instability by single parents. Did you know that about 150,000 babies were adopted between 1950 and 1975? Known adoptions are widespread in Australia. This is because foster care parents or step-parents mostly adopt children that they already know. Did you know that 317 adoptions were done across Australian states between 2013 to 2014?

While we understand that adoption is never an easy decision to make, we also recognize that it can be the right option when you:

You can also decide to keep contact and retain access to your child even after adoption. And you can see your child adequately cared for by a couple of your choice. Or you can decide to excuse yourself from the entire process and opt not to maintain contact with your child. The requirement of support and counselling sessions by the birth parents must be fulfilled before completing the adoption process. If you are considering adoption during or after pregnancy, we can help with information, support and counselling.

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