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Unexplained pregnancy

We know that just knowing that you are some days, weeks or months pregnant can involve mixed feelings even when it is planned. So what if it is not planned? It can be stressful if you found that you are pregnant and did not plan for it and cannot explain it either. Unexplained pregnancy means that you are probably not expecting it at that time, or you are not sure how exactly it got to be. So you are confused about the chain of events linking to that particular matter. You may have been very careful to ensure that you use protection or contraceptives during sexual intercourse with your partner. But then, you later found out that you’re pregnant. You are confused about what to do and where to go from here. At that moment, we know that it can be challenging to devise an effective strategy or plan to help you navigate your future. With everything going on in your mind, and the mixed feelings and emotions, you may find it hard to make a vital decision. As a woman, the changes in your hormones and biology can also increase such difficulty. So you may find it challenging to decide on how to go about the unexplained pregnancy. If not properly handled, you may be pressured to make some rash decisions that may come back to hurt you and your relationship. So you want to ensure that you take your time and take things slow. This will ensure that you weigh all the odds and come up with the best decision given the circumstances. This can be a tight spot and can have a severe effect on several things like your relationship with your partner, parents, community, and even your work. You want to be sure that you carefully carve out a proper plan for the future of your pregnancy before making a decision.

Often, you may be in a situation where you have to consider some of the following factors in making the right decision:

While we know that it is helpful to talk to friends and families at these difficult times, you should also reach out to an outside party. Talk to someone willing to listen and attend to your issues. Abortion Advice is all about that life. We have counsellors and a pregnancy support team that is ever-ready to hear you out and attend to your issues.

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